The Case for Inline Hockey

Many ice hockey players also play for the USC inline teams. They play for their high schools, middle schools, and club ice teams. Let's face it. Ice hockey players tend to have a stigma with inline hockey. Some don’t think it’s ‘real hockey’. There is no future beyond high school to it. They don’t think there is any benefit to playing both. Well, that’s very shortsighted. In addition to being much more skill-oriented, inline hockey has these advantages:

  • - Because it is more wide-open hockey, stick-handling is emphasized. The puck is on your stick much more, and because there is no checking, offsides, and icing, the game is more fast paced (less whistles).
  • - 4-on-4 hockey gives you many more opportunities to showcase your skills and enjoy the game.
  • - It is roughly 1/5 the cost.
  • - You will play 4x more (50% of game on average).
  • - More and more colleges are playing inline hockey (www.ncrha.org), some in St. Louis, MO offer full scholarships.
  • - Players that play both say, "Ice is a job, inline is FUN!"
  • - YOU CAN PLAY BOTH! (We've had many play for the school ice program, the USC Inline program AND a club ice team - all at once!)

Don't just take our word for it; here are some other opinions:

So, whether you just play ice, inline or both ice and inline, we have a spot for you on USC!